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Residential development of fourteen houses - Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Our clients purchased this site with the benefit of planning permission for a block of apartments, which was to occupy a central position on the site. However our clients had concerns building a large block of apartments due to the market conditions.

They commissioned us to design a scheme of private housing, with each enjoying there own front door and outdoor space. Due to the various constraints of the site this was not possible to , in the normal manner of 10m turfed gardens, garages and driveways. We were then left with how we could achieve our clients brief in a more imaginative format. Our design needed to allow for each property to have its own front door, private parking space and outdoor space.   We needed to create space we didn’t have at ground level, so that could mean only one thing, we would need to go upwards to create space.

The design was effectively split into two halves, one side of the site was to be a more high density area with the other being larger properties and in turn a lower density. The high density element is a block of maisonettes, which vary in height between three and four stories. The vary in height is an important element of the design as this allows for the outdoor spaces of these properties to be created on the adjacent roofs of other properties. We have four storey properties adjacent to three storey properties utilizing the dead roof space as outdoor space. The larger properties are three stories in height and again have needed to be designed in a way to accommodate the outdoor space in a different format. The first floor area is located over approximately 60% of the ground floor area, this is Important as this creates the outdoor space for these properties.

The proposed scheme relates to the character of the existing surrounding properties but is recognisably distinct providing a new vibrant addition to the area.  The elevations are composed from a limited palette of high quality materials which make reference to the existing housing stock. Simple architectural detailing forms clean lines and provide a distinctive contemporary and vibrant character to the scheme.

Upside down housing

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