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Internal reconfigurations and single storey addition - Swanland, East Yorkshire

An unusual property! How many houses built in the 90's do you see with a thatched roof! Our clients loved their house with the exception of their dark, bits and pieces kitchen. Originally they considered just adding a set of bi-fold doors to the kitchen to allow more light. However having sat down and discussed it with them it was clear that this would not meet what they were truly looking to achieve with their home. We were tasked with convincing them that a single storey addition would offer them what they hoped to achieve. The main concern for our client was they wanted to avoid the 'bolt on' look most additions make. Our design response was to break up the single storey addition from the house with the use of a glazed link between the existing house and the addition. This worked well two fold, it softened the junction between the existing house and addition. Along with allowing the newly planned kitchen to be flooded with light from the glazed link.

Thatched roof house additions

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