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Residential development of twenty houses - Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

The site is located in a prominent position, with road frontage to three sides of the site, with a former health centre occupying a central position on the site. The new structures sit along the North, South and Western boundaries to provide an active frontage, these positions aim to close the loose urban grid formed by the existing structure on the site. The properties proposed are  all of the same design and footprint, but have been designed to be adaptable to the individual position on site. Although, a high density scheme of housing each property enjoys its own private outdoor space, something which is generally overlooked for this type of housing. The proposed scheme relates to the character of the existing surrounding properties but is recognisably distinct providing a new vibrant addition to the area. The elevations are composed from a limited palette of high quality materials which make reference to the existing housing stock. The lower section of the properties are to be clad in coursed natural stone, which supports an upper section of off white colour through render. Simple architectural detailing forms clean lines and provide a distinctive contemporary and vibrant character to the scheme.

Back 2 back low cost housing

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